Caring for Each Other — Circles of Collaboration 

Do you have a network of friends who know you for who you are? Do you feel able to open up and allow yourself to be vulnerable to the people who care for and love you? Do you have a sense of the majesty of your being that shines through your eyes from time to time as you make your way in this world? Are there people who regularly get to witness those glimmers of greatness and who encourage you to keep chipping away at the dross which covers the portals through which that light emanates?

Do you believe that people are inherently good and well intentioned? Do you fall in love with people for who they are, not what they do? Do people seek you out for friendship and counsel? Do you recognize people as always unfolding into greater degrees of their own development – even if what they present to you is a stuck place which is difficult for you to witness? Are you engaged with others in a project that makes your heart sing and your footsteps light as you approach your meeting place?

Partnering With Life invites you into circles of co-laboring – literally bringing something forth together. Circles where our listening ignites and shapes the longings of the speaker. Where our care for each other and the world can find expression through voice, movement and art. Where our concerns for the world can be fearlessly explored and courageously acted upon with the support of people who care too much about you to allow you to settle for anything less than pursuing your biggest dreams.