Integral Coaching — is a partnership established between coach and client imbued with trust, respect, care, and a commitment to personal development. As an integral coach, my work is to leave my clients with greater self awareness, and with the developed capacity to effectively reach their stated outcomes. I design a customized set of exercises and practices that help shape the body, mind, relationships,and spirit for a new way of being in the world and a more effective way of resonating with it.

My coaching is rooted in a tested methodology, and is grounded in philosophy, research, history, and theory. At the heart of my coaching work is the belief that when human beings are deeply connected with themselves, engage in practices to develop lasting competencies and qualities, and are curious about life, transformation happens.

Integral means leaving nothing out, addressing the whole person in their life — not responding to the client as merely a set of roles and goals. I connect with a client as a person with thoughts, feelings, commitments, relationships, a history, and a body living in an environment. In order for there to be deep, positive, and sustained change, all aspects must be considered in an effectively designed coaching program.